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“Dr. Mohrlock has a wonderful bedside manner and is a true master of the art of dental occlusion.”

“Dr. Mohrlock is the most committed dentist I have ever met.”

“He has a very friendly demeanor, seeming almost eager to convey what he’s doing using terminology the patient understands so that everyone understands what is happening. He abates fears by constantly reassuring any patient that has questions, and most importantly makes you laugh. Dude’s got jokes.”

“A rare person, dentist, friend. I cannot recommend him more highly to everyone.”

“Dr. Mohrlock is always the BEST! He’s personable, extremely good and virtually painless! In addition, I would say that he explains what he is doing which is refreshing. You know what is going on inside. He is also somewhat of a perfectionist and it shows. Dr. Mohrlock fixed a broken cap on a front tooth, on his day off, that looks better than it did before it broke. He truly is the BEST!”

“Once again a trip to Dr. Mohrlock’s office confirmed the quality of his work and his staff. Dr. Mohrlock is extremely personable and has a great sense of humor. He makes it clear that I am not just another patient, instead being someone he knows and cares about. Dr. Mohrlock has been our dentist for nearly 25 years. It is because of his professionalism, his quality staff, and his personal approach that we have wanted his continued care for the dental needs of both myself and my wife.”

“Dr. Mohrlock is an excellent dentist. He explains his procedures clearly and always takes a conservative approach in solving problems. Another dentist told me the cavity and old filling in my tooth would require a root canal and crown…I came to Dr. Mohrlock for a second opinion and didn’t mention that I had visited the other dentist. Dr. Mohrlock saved my tooth, replaced the filling, didn’t even mention the costly root canal and crown option. I knew he was an honest Dr. whom I would always trust. Also, the tooth he fixed looks beautiful, you wouldn’t even know there is a filling. I highly recommend Dr. Mohrlock.”

TMJ (TMD) Treatment:

“He immediately fitted me for a mouth splint that was ready in 2 hours. He has an extensive knowledge (40 years!) of TMJ/TMD factors and ways to help us sufferers with some relief. He has a very friendly staff and even in my agony, he was able to help me with the utmost professionalism. Highly recommend.”

“I cannot thank you enough for all the care and attention you’ve given my mouth! You have really been a blessing in my life for the pain relief you’ve given me. I don’t think I could ever fully express how much pain I’ve suffered from the TMJ muscle pain. I’ve spent many nights crying, thinking that I would be in chronic pain for the rest of my life. I am truly grateful that you have been able to fix my occlusion and cure me of such horrible pain. Thank you for all your patience with my care and your faith that you could take care of the root of the problem. I’m so grateful for your generous time and genuine thoughtfulness. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know with the same problem.”

“Headache free! Thank you!”

“I honestly didn’t know that sleeping didn’t have to be painful. I would wake up with pain in my jaw and even more stressed out because of my clenching. As soon as I started wearing my mouth piece, it changed drastically. I wake up and my jaw is relaxed and there is no pain to be found. I keep telling my parents that this changed my life. And it really did. I look forward to sleeping because I know that I won’t wake up in pain and that’s truly life changing…there is not one night that I will go without wearing it. Thank you so much for your help and your dedication to me. Your passion for this amazes me and I will never forget the gift of pain free sleep that you have given me!”